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Изпитни дати януари 2014 @ ! Изпитни дати януари 2014   by zelma
Януарска сесия 2014 г.

За редовните студенти от ІІІ курс:
І група - 31 януари
ІІ група - 1 февруари
ІІІ група - 2 февруари
ІV група - 3 февруари
V група - 4 февруари


Студентите от предишни курсове, които посещаваха семинарите тази учебна година, да се явят на 3 февруари.

Всички останали да се явят на 4 февруари.

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Course Description @ Course Description   by zelma

Sofia University

Department of English and American Studies

Bachelor's programme in English Philology

2013-2014 academic year


3rd year, 5th semester

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zelma Catalan

Ass. Prof. Maria Dimitrova


Duration: 15 weeks

Lectures: 15 hours (lecture notes are provided on this website)

Seminars: 30 hours

3 ECTS credits

Course overview:

The course aims to introduce the students to the set of concepts and terms and the procedures necessary for the analysis of style in literary texts. It will develop the students’ awareness of the role of language in rendering meanings and attitudes in imaginative literature and will equip them with relevant analytical tools. The lectures provide a general theoretical framework, focusing on the subject of stylistics, the levels of style and the corresponding devices, the contexts of stylistic analysis, the methodologies applied by various schools in the field and the problems posed by the specifics of genre. Attention is also drawn to the rhetoric of the literary text. In the seminars students will have the opportunity to put their knowledge to practice through the detailed analysis of a range of short literary texts representing different periods, schools, authors, and modes. The practical work will involve not only conventional techniques but also creative tasks.


Final exam (oral): 60 %

Midterm paper and end-of-term test: 20%

Attendance and participation: 20%

Students  can attend classes with any other group if necessary.

Although the seminars will involve practical work with literary texts, students are expected to have read and mastered the relevant theoretical material specified in the Weekly Schedule (see that category), as well as the material presented in the lectures.

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